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Freelancers work independeantly but not alone. Freelance Digital Marketing Association (FDMA) provides connectivity and tools to create successful synergistic opportunities with-in the freelance community. A RISING TIDE LIFTS ALL BOATS # ARTLAB

Mobile First

Over 60% of the digital users go to mobile before desktop, which is projected to increast to 80% by 2025 putting mobile first direct marketing first!

Pay Per Click Fraud

Fraud has plagued PPC driving ROI down and really pushing advitsers to alternative marketing stratdgies like Parking Lot marketing and back to even direct mail!

Faster tech

New technology drives an accelerated developement process making waves across all markets in the digital space, but none more impactful than SEO

Organic Search Conversion

Over 3.5 billion searches on Google daily with an average conversion ov 20 clicks to 1 lead, leveraging technology to increase conversions by 300% should be a NO BRAINER and only takes seconds thanks to technology.

Easy to use

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Influencer Marketing now the #1 Growth Opportunity

With micro-influencers providing more eyeballs and impressions than a major league baseball stadium, it's time for influencers to stop acting like divas and start acting like brands. If an influencer manage their personal brand like stadium owners manage their business they would actually make more money, provide better user experience and give advertisers/sponsors a better ROI!

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